By resolution, the Orem City Council cannot spend ahead any longer.

Action taken recently by the council precludes appropriating funds that use the upcoming year's budget.City Manager Daryl Berlin recommended the policy affirmation following a decision by the council earlier that pulled funds from next year's budget to pay for expansion of the Scera Shell and road paving in the Vineyard area.

The council - at that time - asked for a formal resolution to "generally prohibit" appropriation of future revenues.

In unique situations where the council wanted to move ahead with a project that required funds from outside the normal budget parameters, council members concluded it would be best to either delay the project or use money from city reserves.

At the Jan. 11 meeting, Councilman Timothy Christensen questioned the necessity of approving the formal resolution.

"Why do we need to add to our stack of paper?" he asked, noting that the policy was already just good common sense.