Jimmy was born Oct. 1, 1946 in Miles City, Montana to John J. and Edna M. Lee Poulos. A beautiful and precious baby. He came to Utah with his parents in 1950. Served in the U.S. Navy for two and a half years. Honorably discharged in 1968.

A very intelligent person, good student, interesting and compassionate man.We often remarked that he should have been born during the days of the Mountain Men, because most of his interests were along that line. He loved hunting, fishing, black powder muzzle loaders, spending time in the mountains, both winter and summer. Making his own leather mountain clothes was very enjoyable for him and he was proud of his work.

His brothers and friends teased him about his outdoor cooking; they weren't always sure what went into it. We will miss him more than it is possible to express but he is at peace, no more stress, anguish or not knowing which way to turn. Our Father-in-Heaven will guide him now. Rest easy, our Jimmy, we love you very much and there will always be an empty space where you should be.

Surivors: mother; brother, Ricky J; sister, Mrs. Lila (Michael) Gilbert; three nieces and three nephews; wife; daughters, Mrs. Tonnete (Richard) Jameson; Tammina Poulos; son, Jayde Poulos; granddaughters, Jacilyn and Janae Jameson, Shelbie Poulos. He loved the little ones so very much. Preceded in death by his father, Oct. 2, 1992; younger brother, Jordan L., Feb. 15, 1993. They have welcomed him with open arms, he knows how much he was loved by his family. He is free, at last to be happy. "Mama is with you in spirit, my son, but my heart is breaking because you had to leave."

Somewhere, under a bluer sky,

In a higher realm than where the eagles fly,

In a land of beauty beyond our knowing,

With trees and flowers and water flowing

And Mountains of unearthly grace,

Our loving Lord has made a place

And one day, through an opening door,

We find that glorious evermore.

"Fly with the eagles", my beloved son, Mama

No services were held

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