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Partial list of bills filed with the House of Representatives for the 1994 Legislature.

HB1 (Harward) - Amends the procedure for approval of an annual budget review by the Legislative Process Committee.HB2 (Carnahan) - Allows the state Office of Education to become an on-line terminal agency with law enforcement to provide relevant information to school districts on current or prospective employees and volunteers.

HB3 (Larson) - Enlarges court options in juvenile sentencing.

HB4 (Larson) - Provides that money collected for the cost of juvenile care shall be property of the Division of Youth Corrections.

HB5 (Valentine) - Clarifies authorized company names as they relate to limited liability companies.

HB6 (Waddoups) - Repeals the county-option sales tax of one tenth of 1 percent for the development of botanical, cultural and zoological organizations.

HB7 (Harward) - Deletes the requirement that the Division of Administrative Rules publish court rules and proposals for court rules.

HB8 (Buffmire) - Replaces the term "handicapped child" in state tax laws with the term "dependent child with a disability."

HB9 (Jorgensen) - Expands the scope of the Orderly School Termination Procedures Act to include educators employed by applied technology centers and schools for the deaf and blind.

HB10 (Styler) - Increases to $5,000 the cap on liability for property damage caused by a minor.

HB11 (Tanner) - Changes the name of Utah Valley Community College to Utah Valley State College.

HB12 (Lyon) - Amends the Motor Fuel Marketing Act to exclude the cost of credit as a factor the court shall consider in reviewing motor-fuel prices.

HB13 (Barth) - Clarifies the self-defense statute.

HB14 (Cannon) - Allows for recall elections of state and local officers.

HB15 (Valentine) - Permits a cause of action for general damages from personal injuries caused by an automobile accident in cases of permanent impairment.

HB16 (Chard) - Repeals the Private Probation Provider Licensing Act.

HB17 (Dillree) - Repeals the requirement that acupuncturists practice under the supervision of a physician or experienced acupuncturist.

HB18 (Dillree) - Clarifies crimes for which suspension or other court actions would have the effect of shortening a prison sentence.

HB19 (Nelson) - Creates the offense of child-abuse homicide.

HB20 (Goodfellow) - Expands the membership of the Resource Development Coordinating Committee.

HB21 (Davis) - Appropriates $55,000 to require the Utah Department of Transportation to study noise walls on certain highways.

HB22 (Waddoups) - Makes technical changes to laws concerning speeding in school zones.

HB23 (Lyon) - Expands the definition of beneficiary for death benefits under the public-safety retirement system.

HB24 (Bush) - Expands the personnel authorized to request a chemical test for certain drunken-driving offenses.

HB25 (Dillree) - Amends state law regarding Schedule I and Schedule II drugs.

HB26 (Tanner) - Defines gifts as it relates to lobbyist disclosure.

HB27 (Adair) - Exempts home medical equipment from sales and use taxes.

HB28 (Tanner) - Requires public notice when local governments issue certain public debt.

HB29 (Suazo) - Requires each local school board to adopt a program that allows school employees to make anonymous suggestions.

HB30 (Uipi) - Amends the number of members of the state Sentencing Commission.

HB31 (Cannon) - Prohibits the sale of spray paint and marking pens to minors without parental supervision.

HB32 (Carlson) - Permits the Division of Public Safety and firefighter benefits to be paid based on court orders.

HB33 (Atkinson) - Creates a data base to identify uninsured motorists and appropriates $1.4 million to operate the system.

HB34 (Tanner) - Defines limitations on campaign contributions and allows for voluntary limitations on candidate contributions.

HB35 (R. Evans) - Requires the Department of Community and Economic Development to form partnerships to promote Utah history.

HB36 (Eubank) - Amends the requirements that people getting married first undergo counseling.

HB37 (Protzman) - Exempts volunteer construction workers on noncommercial and nonpublic projects from construction-trades licensure.

HB38 (R. Evans) - Limits the responsibility of the Division of Family Services to conduct court-ordered evaluations in custody disputes to those cases in which income is below 130 percent of the federal poverty level.

HB39 (Short) - Increases the exemption for residential property.

HB40 (Jorgensen) - Establishes a Blind Persons Literacy Rights and Education Act based on the premise that proficiency in Braille is essential for students to achieve satisfactory educational progress.

HB41 (Oscarson) - Requires cities and counties to allow private ownership of cats and dogs without numerical restrictions.

HB42 (Yardley) - Repeals provisions pertaining to the Fusion Energy Council and Oversight Committee.

HB43 (Burningham) - Requires that most bills passed by the Legislature be first reviewed by a legislative interim committee, a standing committee or an appropriations committee.

HB44 (Barth) - Removes hour restrictions on the sale of liquor on Sundays and holidays.

HB45 (Davis) - Provides for an income-tax deduction for a taxpayer with a dependent child in foster care.

HB46 (Fuller) - Provides for enhanced mathematics and science programs in grades 9 through 12 and appropriates $500,000 toward that end.

HB47 (Reber) - Amends state criminal laws regarding unlawful dealing with property by a fiduciary.

HB48 (R. Evans) - Clarifies reapportionment of school precincts.

HB49 (Harward) - Provides for a waiver of loss-of-income benefits within the state insurance code.

HB50 (Tanner) - Prohibits smoking in places of public access and in workplaces.

HB51 (Bradshaw) - Creates a Hearing Instrument Specialist Licensing Board and authorizes the licensing of specialists in hearing aids.

HB52 (Jensen) - Amends the population requirements for appointing transit-district board members.

HB53 (Jones) - Changes state law regarding expungement of criminal records and permits immediate expungement of criminal records at the discretion of the courts.

HB54 (Matthews) - Provides a sales-tax exemption for sales of gun safes.

HB55 (Stephens) - Amends the Paternity Act to allow visitation rights once paternity has been established.

HB56 (Short) - Raises the maximum amount for parent liability for damage caused by a minor.

HB57 (Hendrickson) - Changes the early retirement penalty reduction in the state retirement system and provides for conversion to the noncontributory system.

HB58 (Short) - Prohibits counties from separately listing the value of land and buildings on property-tax notices.

HB59 (Haymond) - Establishes open-meetings procedures and modifies publication requirements.

HB60 (Haymond) - Defines "individual with a disability" and establishes an income-tax credit to employers who hire persons with disabilities.

HB61 (Atkinson) - Requires lobbyists to report all expenditures on public officials.

HB62 (B. Johnson) - Establishes parameters for consolidating county offices.

HB63 (Barth) - Allows for compensation of members of the Deputy Sheriff's Merit Commission.

HB64 (Valentine) - Assigns leasing responsibilities to the director of the Division of Facilities, Construction and Management.

HB65 (Protzman) - Creates a new 9 percent upper income-tax bracket for people making more than $60,000.

HB66 (Short) - Modifies property-tax credits allowable for certain homeowners and renters.

HB67 (Waddoups) - Creates a licensing board under the Occupational Therapy Practice Act and requires licensure of occupational therapists.

HB68 (Brown) - Creates an Information Technology Commission.

HB69 (Suazo) - Allows policyholders to designate as beneficiary, sell or assign a life insurance policy to a viatical-settlement company.

HB70 (Haymond) - Requires school boards to advertise for bids on all construction projects in excess of $100,000 and prevents school boards from bidding on projects in excess of $100,000.

HB71 (Lyon) - Reauthorizes the School Fees Task Force and appropriates $23,000 to operate it.

HB72 (Lyon) - Provides that textbooks shall be made available to students in the public schools free of charge and allows school boards to assess charges against students for lost or damaged textbooks.

HB73 (B. Evans) - Provides greater flexibility to school districts to use class-size reduction money.

HB74 (Lyon) - Establishes a procedure for the domestication of foreign companies.

HB75 (Eubank) - Changes the membership and compensation of the Small Business Advisory Council.

HB76 (Yardley) - Prescribes the elements of insurance fraud and establishes civil and criminal penalties.

HB77 (Rushton) - Repeals federally superseded provisions of state law relating to telephone and facsimile solicitations.

HB78 (Pignanelli) - Creates an anti-discrimination advisory committee to be appointed by the governor.

HB79 (Haymond) - Creates the Utah Quick Court Program.

HB80 (Valentine) - Provides a procedure for agencies to retain certain appropriation surpluses as non-lapsing funds and creates procedures for legislative authorization for expenditure of those funds.

HB81 (Haymond) - Permits the court to authorize a peace officer to enforce court-ordered visitation.

HB82 (Jones) - Defines small beer brewers, changes restrictions on sale of liquor by wholesalers, allows out-of-state brewers to sell or deliver beer without a license under certain circumstances, and allows brewers to sell beer to retailers in limited circumstances.

HB83 (Haymond) - Provides standards for determination of alimony.

HB84 (Bradshaw) - Recodifies certain sections of Utah's election laws.

HB85 (Short) - Extends the date of delinquency for certain property taxes in specific circumstances.

HB86 (Jensen) - Requires that election reports be typed or printed legibly.

HB87 (Harward) - Clarifies prosecutorial authority to compromise charges against a witness who voluntarily agrees to testify.

HB88 (Bradshaw) - Makes technical changes to Utah's election laws.

HB89 (M. Johnson) - Bars liability of sponsors of horse events for the inherent risks of equine activities.

HB90 (Burningham) - Creates laws governing the licensing of mental-health professionals and psychologists.

HB91 (Bodily) - Amends the jurisdiction of the juvenile court.

HB92 (Greensides) - Provides for base state licensing for interstate motor carriers and allows Utah to enter into cooperative agreements with other states for licensing motor carriers.

HB93 (Fuller) - Appropriates $109,000 for an educational facility at the Ogden Nature Center.

HB94 (Valentine) - Provides that any increase in motor-fuel taxes is applied also to special fuel taxes.

HB95 (Davis) - Eliminates the income requirement for the veteran's property-tax exemption and clarifies the amount of the exemption.

HB96 (Pignanelli) - Clarifies specific circumstances for judicial enforcement of claims brought under Utah's anti-discrimination law.

HB97 (Waddoups) - Requires criminal background checks on potential employees or volunteers in the public schools as a condition of employment.

HB98 (Smith) - Authorizes soil conservation district license plates.

HB99 (Pignanelli) - Requires notification of local law enforcement agencies when out-of-state parolees and probationers are placed within a community.

HB100 (Garn) - Provides that the Centennial Schools Program facilitate strategic planning for educational excellence at the school level and requires schools participating in the program to review the Utah Strategic Plan for Educational Excellence.

HB101 (Garn) - Provides that teacher career-ladder growth money be used for highly focused teacher in-service programs considered necessary to achieve educational excellence in the classroom.

HB102 (Garn) - Provides that a portion of the state's appropriation for experimental and developmental programs shall be allocated to a select number of schools for implementation of a 220-day school year.

HB103 (Greensides) - Amends the definition of residential property to allow certain second-home owners to receive the residential property-tax exemption.

HB104 (Mortimer) - Requires inspections of school buildings by a licensed inspector.

HB105 (R. Evans) - Establishes appointment and confirmation process for state officers.

HB106 (Styler) - Removes certain restrictions on the use of class B and class C road funds.

HB107 (Lyon) - Exempts nonprofit educational insurers from the Life and Disability Guaranty Association.

HB108 (Killpack) - Provides that unincorporated areas annexed into a city may not become part of the city's school district unless approved by a vote of the city school board.

HB109 (Yardley) - Modifies the tax rate for the rural-county hospital sales tax by allowing a rate of up to 1 percent. That increase would have to be submitted to a non-binding opinion vote of county residents.

HB110 (Bush) - Requires that any changes in salaries for elected city, county or legislative officials not take effect until after the next general election.

HB111 (Jones) - Provides that a power-of-attorney provision may not continue beyond death.

HB112 (Valentine) - Clarifies the tax treatment of limited liability companies and clarifies which are exempt from the corporate franchise tax.

HB113 (Valentine) - Amends the authority of magistrates.

HB114 (Pignanelli) - Expands the protection from liability for volunteers.

HB115 (Greensides) - Makes nudity an act of lewdness and bans nudity in any public place.

HB116 (Hunter) - Eliminates the eminent-domain authority of redevelopment agencies.

HB117 (Price) - Clarifies revenues that are eligible for deposit into the Municipal Services Fund and Municipal Capital Projects Fund.

HB118 (Jones) - Gives preference in the awarding of recreational-trails and riverway enhancement grants to projects that provide employment opportunities for youth.

HB119 (I. Arrington) - Provides that the governor fund a cost-of-living increase for private providers that contract with the Division of Services for People with Disabilities.

HB120 (Burningham) - Creates an advisory council to the State Board for Applied Technology Education.

HB121 (Eubank) - Authorizes the designation of a member of the Employee Leasing Board to assist state officials who are investigating complaints.

HB122 (Bowman) - Amends provisions requiring the filing of mining claims with the county recorder.

HB123 (B. Evans) - Amends emergency medical services provisions to provide more services to children.

HB124 (Hunter) - Requires candidates for the State Board of Education to file a declaration of candidacy and provides a procedure for listing of candidates' names on the ballot.

HB125 (Pignanelli) - Changes the state's open-meetings laws to require caucuses, rules committees and sifting committees be open to the public.

HB126 (Haymond) - Creates a mandatory general course of education in firearm safety and develops a model program by the state Office of Education.

HB127 (Protzman) - Defines health care assistants and establishes a board to register such professionals.

HB128 (Suazo) - Clarifies that interference or disruption of hunting activities is a criminal offense.