We read with interest the article in the Deseret News about declining attendance at Jazz home games and several of the responses. Most of the reasons make sense, although the idea that we shouldn't pay money to watch rich people perform could just as well be applied to most concerts, lectures, TV, movies, etc.

We attended the Jazz vs. Detroit game, our first game in several years, and perhaps we can offer another perspective.Those running the sound system seem to think that excitement is proportional to volume. If we wanted volume, we'd go see (insert your favorite heavy metal band here).

Utah vs. Detroit is an intense rivalry, and emotions ran high, but it was still disturbing to see the crowd focus its ire so completely on one lone animal. No, not Bill Laimbeer, but Barney the Dinosaur.

Whenever those running the Jumbotron wanted to incite the crowd, the image of that lovable purple reptile would appear on screen, bringing down a resounding chorus of boos.

It's a sad commentary that someone that stands for love and friendship is booed publicly. It's just as bad that the kids running the Jumbotron exploit this. Sure, Barney is over-commercialized, but so is Santa Claus, and we haven't seen him booed in public (yet).

Having said all this, we still love the Jazz and wish them the best. If we hear that Barney is no longer inciting crowds, the volume has been turned down, and the bank approves our loan so we can buy tickets, we will attend again.

John and Pam King