Residents who believe the public should be involved in government will soon have their chance.

City Planner Al Mickelsen presented a map to the City Council that shows the city organized into 10 neighborhoods. Each neighborhood will have a citizen representative to the Civic Improvement Committee who will act as a liaison to the city. The council has approved the plan."This way guarantees equal representation," Mickelsen said. "This will get the public involved in the government."

Neighborhood chairmen will be asked to relay their areas of concern to the city and help establish the Neighborhood Watch program with the police department and help with emergency preparedness programs.

The designated neighborhoods, which have taken on the names of the old-time city boroughs, include Manila, Northfield, Big Spring, Grove Creek, Monkey Town, Little Denmark, Mudhole, Sam White's Lane, Scratch Gravel and Bat-tle-creek.

Mickelsen said this form of representation will also help when new developments are proposed. The neighborhood chairmen will hold a meeting of the residents and get their responses and opinions.

"This would solve a lot of problems before bringing them to the City Council," Mickelsen said.

As part of the reorganization, the City Council appointed Darrell Cook as chairman of the Civic Improvement Committee to work with Mickelsen, who stepped down as chairman but will continue on the committee.

Residents interested in being involved with the neighborhood committees may contact City Recorder Charimaine Childs, 785-5045.