Wanting to learn more about President Clinton's health-care plan, I bought a copy of "The President's Health Security Plan" for $8, which is printed by Random House. After reading a few chapters it became very apparent that the editorials about Clinton's plan were written without ever looking at the plan.

I have heard that this would be like Canada's nationalized health care. That is not true. I have heard that this will destroy the good health-care plans offered by large employers. That is also untrue. In fact, most of the debate about health-care reform is not based in fact.I suggest that everyone read Clinton's plan. If you do not feel it is worth $8 to get better health care, you probably have health care through a large company. And, you plan to never leave that large company. For the rest of the population and those of you that will be laid off from WordPerfect and other large companies, you should be interested in Clinton's plan.

"The President's Health Security Plan" is a poor name. Most of Clinton's plan is health-insurance reform. There is a chapter or two that deals with doctors being able to work off their student loans and other incentives to entice doctors to rural communities. Clinton's plan requires every citizen of the United States to purchase insurance. You may buy a private insurance or you may buy insurance through a co-op. However, Clinton requires that all insurance companies accept all applicants with some exceptions for risk adjustment.

For those of you who do not know how insurance currently works, here are the basics. The insurance company averages the medical costs over everyone in a large group and charges each person the average cost plus administrative costs and profits. For a small group, the insurance company does what is called risk management. This means that it makes up its own rules to avoid paying medical expenses for anyone who needs costly medical treatment.

More than 50 percent of U.S. citizens have the risk-management type of insurance. Who pays when a costly medical treatment is not covered? Medicaid pays. Medicaid is a fancy word for taxpayers.

The biggest lie of all is that Clinton's plan is socialized medicine. Medicaid is socialized medicine. Support Clinton's health-care reform and stop supporting socialized medicine.

Nichol Draper