Utah Valley State College has tallied record-breaking enrollment for the spring semester, and a school official expects more records to fall.

The numbers aren't official until Jan. 26 or the third week into the semester, said Val Peterson."But as of January 20, the head count for our spring semester stands at 10,500. That's an increase of 472 students over last year and a full-time equivalent increase of 5.3 percent."

Full-time equivalents are those students taking 12 or more hours.

Peterson said he expects the enrollment will continue to surge as more students realize the importance of an education and the growth in Utah County stays steady.

"Systemwide, we're projecting continued growth," said Peterson.

He anticipates a record-breaking enrollment each semester for the next several years.

"This is the highest ever for a spring semester and each time, we're exceeding what we've been in the past."

Utah Valley State College is designed to accommodate 12,000 students.