The fact of the matter is gun control and speed limits are unconstitutional. Gun control is a strict violation of the Second Amendment and speed limits are ex post facto law.

The entire concept of liberty is that each individual be free to act, think and choose according to his own will; to be held accountable for his actions, thoughts and choices; and to reap the rewards or punishments that come with those actions, thoughts and choices.Those who desire gun control are using the government to force other citizens to register their weapons. That is like me forcing you place a serial number on all your silverware and having it registered with the government.

Those who desire PhotoCop are using the government to force other citizens to drive a certain speed on public roads. That is like me forcing you to park your car out on the road while I park in your driveway. What we need in America is adherence to a set of broad, guiding and correct principles, not a thousand more technocratic adjustments and regulations.

PhotoCop and gun control are two steps in the direction of socialism. Socialism is the red carpet to communism.

Thomas Jessop

South Jordan