One year out of office, George Bush says President Clinton's top foreign policy aides - more than Clinton himself - are to blame for U.S. setbacks in Somalia, Haiti and Bosnia.

While he only mildly criticized Clinton, Bush lambasted some of his former Democratic opponents in Congress, particularly Senate Majority Leader George Mitchell of Maine and House Majority Leader Richard Gephardt of Missouri.Bush said he's not ready to start writing his memoirs and is working with his wife Barbara on health care issues, He says he has concluded that he lost the 1992 election mainly because, "I just wasn't a good enough communicator."

He complained of media-created "myths" that gave voters a mistaken impression that he was out of touch with mainstream America. And he said he was surprised to discover after moving to Houston that "I don't miss the politics a bit."

Bush said it was too early to grade Clinton's overall performance on foreign policy. But he said the president's aides were mostly to blame for an ill-disciplined, "start-and-stop" approach that was harming America's standing in the world.