Cache County School District officials are considering sweeping changes in the district's discipline policy.

While the current policy is intended to correct primarily attendance problems - hence the name "citizenship policy" - the new policy would encompass violent and disruptive behavior, harassment and hazing.Cache Superintendent Larry Jensen has said the new policy was intended to give schools greater power to discipline students. The proposed policy would add a number of sanctions against students for misbehavior, up to exclusion from school for a year.

A federal lawsuit has been filed against the district by Sherwin and Jane Seamons, the parents of a junior varsity football player who said he was assaulted by fellow football players in the locker room in October. Brian Seamons says his teammates bound him nude by his wrists, ankles, genitals and neck with athletic tape, and then taped him to a towel rack. A girl he had dated was pulled into the room.

Though district officials suspended the school's football season in response to the incident, Jensen said district policy did not allow him to suspend the specific students who were responsible.

Jane Seamons said she and her husband brought suit against the district because it failed to take action against the students who assaulted her son.