The letter from Kerry J. Thompson, Deseret News, Jan. 6, regarding the Second Amendment was most interesting. He did a good job of stating the constructionist position. Unfortunately, he does not seem to realize that he is shouting in the wind. That battle has already been lost. By fiat of the activist federal judiciary, the Second Amendment no longer means what the Founding Fathers intended it to mean, nor does it mean what the majority of the citizens wish it to mean.

It means what the federal courts say that it means, and it will do so until some other federal court or a self-serving Congress says otherwise. As a result, we have the Brady bill, which will soon place a minor inconvenience upon gun buyers. When that does not accomplish the goal of the social engineers, we will have federal licensing of firearms with progressively tighter qualifications and then finally there will be some trumped-up excuse for outright confiscation. And the Constitution be damned.Right now, the only protection that exists for those who wish to own firearms is a Utah state law that guarantees the right to keep arms in one's home and to use them in defense of that home. It will last until some idiot like David Koresh misuses or abuses that right and then there will be a hue and cry for its abolishment.

To know why this is happening, one must look to the socialist elite who, over the past 60 years, have managed to gain control of almost all of our institutions of higher education. For it is they, with their shared body of misguided ideals, who have produced the present crop of judges, politicians and bureaucrats who now control the affairs of this nation.

The basic tenet of socialism is that the people cannot be trusted to direct their own affairs. Government must decide what is best and then do it for the good of the people to save them from themselves.

If carried to its ultimate conclusion, the result is more and more government with less and less return on the dollar. More and more central control with its guarantee of lower and lower standards of enforced mediocrity.

The only hope of saving our freedoms lies in the state legislature and the local governments, and for them to succeed, they must say no to the almighty federal dollar. I don't think we have what it takes. And so we will continue to argue over battles already lost as our future slides out of our grasp, our palms greased by our own money sent back to us at 10 cents on the dollar.

Thomas W. Brown

Salt Lake City