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Here are some of Layton's colorful early place/street names, according to Kent Day of the Heritage Museum:

- Fiddler's Creek Road: now Rosewood Lane and East Gentile Street, it was named for three musicians on the street who provided local entertainment. In Layton's early days, there was only a West Gentile Street until a section of road was added in the Fort Lane area to traverse a Kays Creek gully and Gentile became a west-east through street.- Skunk Misery: Near Mountain road. Not much is known about the name's origin, although some smelly guesses can be made.

- Morris Town Flats: Located along "Easy Street" (another nickname for Hill Field Road).

- Canyon Road: Forerunner to Church Street and a road that went north over the sandridge and dropped down into South Weber in pre-Hill Air Force Base days (before 1940). It was a major route to Weber Canyon.

- Dawson Hollow: Near Kayscreek and Country Oaks Drives. Named for the Dawson family.

- O'Brien Hollow: Near Dawson Hollow and also named for a prominent family of settlers.

- Slaughter Hollow: Near the Kaysville border. It is unknown if the name refers to a family or to an early slaughterhouse in the area.

- Pioneer Road: A portion of today's Sunset Drive that traveled though Dawson Hollow and was the city's main link to reach Mountain Road.

- Call Street: The south end of today's 2200 West, south of Gentile Street. It was named after a family who lived in the area.

- Hill Street: The north end of 2200 West, north of Gentile, and named for the Hill family.

- Bone Street: A short segment of today's 3200 West that went south from Gentile Street and ran parallel to Call Street. Named after the Bone family.