It's been interesting to observe the debate between the anti-gun people and the anti-anti-gun people who write to Readers' Forum. As with any emotion-charged issue, both sides tend to quote a lot of the same sources to support their claims and refute those of the other camp.

Also, this is another one of those issues wherein it's difficult to stereotype the sides by generalities of religion, race, sexual preference, social standing, etc., even here in Utah.There does, however, seem to be one underlying place where a line may be drawn. It appears that, in general, people who are third or fourth or greater generation big-city dwellers tend to view guns as the cause of evil, while those of us whose roots are in rural or small-town areas tend to view guns as sources of recreation and protection.

Historically, here in America, cities have long been high crime areas, especially in the usage of guns. Even in the days of the "notorious" Old West (the days of Porter Rockwell, the Sundance Kid, etc.), there were more murders per capita in Boston, Philadelphia, New York, San Francisco and other cities than anywhere else in the nation.

It just isn't logical that guns are the source of the problem. The rallying cry of public officials nowadays seems to be to take guns away from the people.

However, history shows us that when a government is unrighteous and the people are unable or unwilling to defend themselves, tyranny is the usual result.

Milton A. Maughan

Brigham City