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The Super Bowl has a special connection with a Provo company.

Jacobson & Jardine Inc. is responsible for making the official Super Bowl collection coins, licensed by the NFL.Although the first Super Bowl was in 1967, there was not an official coin for the game until eight years later. Coin production passed through two companies before Jacobson & Jardine started minting the coins in 1991.

The Super Bowl coin and its accompanying collection were byproducts of another venture, said Ross Jardine vice president of the company.

His company was working on a two-coin set for the San Francisco 49ers, titled "Team of the Decade," in 1991. Jacobson & Jardine realized after the coins were minted that it needed permission from the National Football League to produce anything with team likenesses or logos.

In seeking permission, the company so impressed the league with its products, Jardine said, that the NFL said, "By the way, we have this other set, this ongoing set" and introduced his company to the Super Bowl collector's series.

Jacobson & Jardine licensed with the NFL and began producing the coins. Jacob-son & Jardine is making the coin for Super Bowl XXVIII this year as well as each coin for the entire series.

The game coins are called "champion" coins, Jardine said. A bronze coin is $25 and a silver one is $80.

The coin has the date, location and score of the Super Bowl, Jardine said. The back is imprinted with the Lombardi trophy and the front has a picture, usually of the game's MVP, he said.

The company also made the flip coin to commemorate the Super Bowl's 25th anniversary. The flip coin is the one used for the coin toss at the beginning of the game.

Although the NFL has not asked for a special flip coin since then, Jacobson & Jardine produces a pre-game coin with an imprint of the game city, Jardine said. The company is in the process of negotiating with the NFL to have that coin used for the flip coin, he said. Currently, the champion coin from 10 years previous is used in the toss, he said.

"We sell (our coins) all over the world," Jardine said.

The company mints a limited edition of 20,000 champion coins each year, he said. The pre-game coins are more abundant, with 20,000 silver ones, 5,000 that are framed with a game program, and 50,000 that come with a coin card.

"This year the interest in the Super Bowl is probably higher than it's ever been," Jardine said.

NFL Properties receives a generous portion of Jacobson & Jardine profits, Jardine said. Nationally, NFL Properties makes $3 billion on sales of licensed NFL goods, he said.