I agree with Harold Christensen, whose letter you recently published. In commenting on the University of Utah's PMT production of "Inspecting Carol," he labeled the play's dialogue as "prurient declamation." I think that means they were using dirty words, the kind of loathsome, vulgar language little boys get spanked for and refined adults never use.

I attended that play with some of my family and was embarrassed and uncomfortable. I heard those same words in the U.S. Army latrines while I was in the service. I understand the latrine environment and mind-set - carousing soldiers back from weekend leave boasting of their exploits. It is not uplifting. If you don't want to hear it - get out of the latrine.My problem with PMT productions is a simple one: We are season ticket holders and must take the good with the bad (and they do perform some wonderfully edifying plays and musicals). But getting away from latrine language means giving tickets away.

Aye, there's the rub. How can I go to my neighbor and say, "We'd like you to take these tickets to PMT's latest production, `Conversations With My Father.' Their advertising warns it contains `strong language,' but that's just a cover-up for gutter talk. I don't want to expose my family to that garbage, but your family might enjoy it."

The solution? No more season tickets. We'll pick and choose.

Richard J. Marshall