Brigham Young University's David M. Kennedy Center for International Studies will host an international forum, "Russia's Window on the Far East," on Wednesday, Jan. 26.

The lecture will be given by Eric Hyer, an assistant professor of political science at BYU, at noon in the Kennedy Center Conference Room (238 HRCB). The public is invited to attend this free lecture. For more information, contact the Kennedy Center at 378-3377.Hyer's lecture will address a combination of perspectives regarding Vladivostok's changing relationship with East Asia. Recently reopened in 1992, Vladivostok "is well poised to become a dynamic commercial center in East Asia," Hyer believes. Now that the city is linked to the outside world once again, it is preparing for an influx of investment, international business and tourism.

In his presentation, Hyer will discuss the anxieties many local residents are experiencing due to the fear "they may be overwhelmed by the much larger non-Russian populations which surround Vladivostok and will be engulfed by a vast Oriental sea," which may cause the city to lose its Russian character.

Hyer received his doctoral degree from Columbia University in 1990 and specializes in Chinese foreign relations. His lecture is based on research he conducted at the Russian Academy of Sciences Institute for Far Eastern Studies, as well as interviews in Vladivostok and research in Beijing.