It probably won't make "Rescue 911," but Bountiful police dispatcher Yvonne Newbold saved a life Wednesday night by talking a caller on the emergency line through the performance of the Heimlich maneuver to save a choking victim.

"This guy called on the 911 line and said his dog was choking," Newbold said. "I asked him if the dog was getting any air and what it might be choking on."He said he thought it was a piece of bone. He said the dog was a medium-sized cocker spaniel, so I advised him of how to do the Heimlich maneuver, wrapping his arms around the dog and putting his fist under the rib cage.

"I didn't have any idea if it would work on a dog, but I figured it was worth a try," said Newbold.

The caller - Newbold didn't get the name of the victim or his owner - said the maneuver worked and the dog spit up a piece of bone that had lodged in its throat.