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In the next step towards reorganization, interim director Bob Valentine announced key appoint-ments under a new reorganization program for the Utah Division of Wildlife Resources.

Because of serious budget problems, Valentine announced on Jan. 3 the elimination of 28 jobs, among them top big game and fisheries positions. He also announced a reorganization that blended non-game and game departments.John Kimball, formerly big game manager in the Northern Region, will head the new wildlife section. He will oversee all programs dealing with game and non-game animals.

Randy Radant, formerly head of the non-game division, will be section chief of aquatics. He will oversee all programs dealing with native, non-native and protected fish.

Bob Hasenyager, formerly associate director, will be the new public services section chief.

Bob Elswood, formerly a law enforcement officer, will be the new law enforcement coordinator.

Bruce Andersen, formerly information officer for the Northern Region, will be the new information and education coordinator.

Dwight Bunnell was chief of big game and Bruce Schmidt was chief of fisheries. The two positions were eliminated under the reorganization. Both men have been instrumental in developing and improving a number of Utah's hunting and fishing programs in recent years.

These appointments will begin the "bumping" process that will ultimately lead to the elimination of 28 jobs within the division.

Reaction from DWR staff to the announcements were mixed.

"Right now we're all walking round in a daze. Frankly, some of these appointments are a shock," said one employee.

Officials hope to have the reorganization completed by March 1 in order to meet budget cutbacks.