You know that song on "Barney and Friends" that goes, "If all of the snowflakes were candy bars and milkshakes, oh what a snow that would be. . . . "

Well, some Springville and south Provo residents had just such a snow this week. Sort of.When Joe Dombrosky walked outside his house at 555 N. 75 West, he found orange snow all over his front lawn. His children thought they'd died and gone to snow-cone heaven.

"The first thing my kids did was to start tasting it. I had to tell them to spit it out," he said. "First thing I taught my kids was not to eat yellow snow. Then I had to teach them not to eat orange snow."

The children then fired a barrage of orange snowballs at him.

Orange snow was spotted all over Springville. And south Provo resident Scott Taylor said he found the same thing at his house.

What was the stuff? "It's a mystery," Dombrosky said, adding he's thinking about getting the orange snow analyzed. "I smelled it but couldn't really smell anything."

Dombrosky said the orange hue seemed to ooze into the snow from the ground up. "It rained just before it snowed. Whatever it was, it was washed into the grass."

The Utah County Health Department didn't know what is was. Neither did Springville police. The National Weather Service, however, ventured a serious guess.

Chief meteorologist Bill Alder said there could have been a plume from a nearby industrial plant suspended in the sky and "the precipitation just brought it down."

Sounds reasonable.

But there also could have been a pack of sick dogs running rampant in Utah Valley. Or maybe leftover Tang from a lunar mission trickled to Earth.

Who knows?