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Last year was topsy-turvy for the television industry, as all years seem to be. What was "in" yesterday is "out" today but could well be back "in" tomorrow. Fickleness and television go together like, well, like Beavis and Butt-Head. Enough said.

Here, then, are the Ins and Outs of TV for 1993.In: Chevy Chase bashing. Out: Jay Leno bashing.

In: Jackson family angst. Out: Royal family angst.

In: Greg Kinnear. Out: Gregory Harrison.

In: Blaming the newsmaker. Out: Blaming the messenger.

In: Murder trials. Out: Rape trials.

In: Court TV. Out: MTV.

In: Bloodthirsty dinosaurs. Out: Barney the Dinosaur.

In: Political suicide. Out: Political correctness.

In: The Davids (Letterman, Barry and Caruso). Out: The Kings (Larry, Stephen and Rodney).

In: Television violence. Out: Television sleaze.

In: Jerry Seinfeld. Out: Jake Steinfeld.

In: "NYPD Blue." Out: LAPD black-and-blue.

In: Weirdo couples. Out: Beautiful couples.

In: "Mighty Morphin Power Rangers." Out: "Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles."

In: Al Gore as aspiring comedian. Out: Al Gore as outspoken environmentalist.

In: Dr. Kevorkian, suicide man. Out: "Dr. Quinn, Medicine Woman."

In: The NFL on Fox. Out: The NFL on CBS.

In: Messy separations, custody battles. Out: Messy marriages.

In: "Beavis and Butt-Head." Out: Joey Buttafuoco.

In: "Talk Soup." Out: "Can we talk?"

In: Heh. Heh. Heh-heh-heh. Out: Not!

In: The irate celebrity denial. Out: The irate celebrity fax.

In: Stephen Bochco. Out: Joshua Brand and John Falsey.

In: Dr. Will of Nick at Nite. Out: "Doogie Howser, M.D."

In: Ross Perot as overbearing billionaire buffoon. Out: Ross Perot as national treasure.

In: Fred Rogers. Out: Fred Savage.

In: "Melrose Place." Out: "Beverly Hills, 90210."

In: The quick hook. Out: Patience with struggling shows.

In: Perpetual hiatus. Out: Permanent cancellation.

In: Outraged letter-writing campaigns in support of shelved shows. Out: Actually watching those shows.

In: ABC on the rise. Out: CBS in charge.

In: Original movies on HBO. Out: Original movies on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox.

In: "The X-Files." Out: Malcolm X.

In: "...& Leeza." Out: "John & Leeza."

In: Howard Stern, multimedia phenomenon. Out: Howard Stern, radio bad-boy.

In: "Heyyy now ..." Out: "Wooo! Wooo! Wooo!"

In: Donald and Marla. Out: Ted and Whoopi.

In: Greg Gumbel. Out: Bryant Gumbel.

In: Michael Jackson, embattled recluse. Out: Michael Jackson, superstar.

In: Elizabeth Taylor, Jackson apologist. Out: Elizabeth Taylor, AIDS activist.

In: JFK the man. Out: JFK the assassination conspiracy/sexual superman.

In: Single parents. Out: Married parents.

In: Self-promotion as art form. Out: Humility.

In: Live disaster coverage. Out: Responsible coverage of pressing issues.

In: Yeltsin. Out: Stalin.

In: The Old West. Out: Vietnam.

In: Gritty, reality-based dramas with harsh language. Out: Romantic, fantasy-based soap operas with fabulous clothes.

In: The situation comedy as forum for buffoonery. Out: The situation comedy as political statement.

In: Ricki Lake. Out: Rick Dees.

In: Pigs. Out: Men who are in touch with their feelings.

In: Tim Allen. Out: Woody Allen.

In: Made-for-TV movies that deal on some, often superficial, level with actual news events. Out: Made-for-TV movies unconnected on any level to something that actually occurred.

In: The fact-based insta-flick. Out: Movies about anything that happened more than two years ago.

In: "The Simpsons." Out: The Conners.

In: Susan Powter. Out: Jane Fonda.

In: Barry Diller, entertainment industry czar. Out: Ted Turner, entertainment industry czar.

In: Johnny Carson as recluse. Out: Carson as living legend.

In: "Living Single." Out: "In Living Color."

In: Burt and Loni squabbling. Out: Bert and Ernie squabbling.

In: Heidi Fleiss. Out: Prostitute-client confidentiality.

In: Imitative behavior. Out: Common sense.

In: Roseanne and Tom Arnold, marrying people. Out: Roseanne and Tom, faxing people.

In: "Blossom." Out: Gennifer Flowers.

In: Paying more for less on cable. Out: Stealing cable.

In: Prime-time newsmagazines. Out: Daytime game shows.

In: Denis Leary Out: Dennis Miller.

In: Stand-up comics in sitcoms. Out: Comedy club shows on cable.

In: Feature film directors trying their hand at TV. Out: TV shows based on successful big-screen features.

In: The Federal Express boss. Out: The Burger King dude.

In: Reality. Out: Fantasy.

In: Stupidity. Out: Intelligence.

In: With the new. Out: With the old.