Lee Trevino, laughing, joking and making big-money putts, won four "skins" and $80,000 Saturday on the first day of the Senior Skins Game.

Arnold Palmer, who dominated the event the past two years, won three skins worth a total of $45,000 on the first nine holes of the 18-hole event. Jack Nicklaus won the opening hole for $15,000, and Raymond Floyd was shut out on the first day.The money - and the pressure - build on Sunday, when $310,000 of the total $450,000 purse is at stake. The $25,000 for Saturday's final hole carries over since Trevino and Floyd halved No. 9 with birdies.

The entire foursome played well the first day, with at least one of the group getting a birdie on every hole but one.

Trevino laughed as he explained how he changed his putting stroke virtually on his backswing on No. 8, where he made a 4-footer worth $50,000.

"I haven't been putting very well and I just figured I'd switch something," he said. "Bob Murphy stops on the backswing, and I always watch my putter go back, so I thought if I stopped it on the backswing, maybe I could put my eye back on the ball where it should be."

So Trevino halted his swing about halfway back, paused, then stroked the ball into the hole.

There was a $25,000 carryover from No. 7, where Palmer sank a 5-foot putt to tie Floyd, who had just birdied the hole.

Floyd played well enough to win money, but he said: "I feel like a bridesmaid; I made three birdies and all the holes were tied. But that's the way it is with the Skins Game."

Palmer won his third skin, worth $15,000, on the par-3 sixth hole, flying his tee shot alongside the lava cliff shoreline to within 20 feet of the flag, then curling in the putt.

"I enjoyed it. It's fun when you're playing well and win some skins. I think we all played pretty well and there were a lot of birdies," said Palmer, who earned $190,000 in the event in 1993 after winning $205,000 the previous year.

Trevino broke into the win column after he hit his approach on No. 5 within four feet of the flag and made the putt for $30,000.

The fourth hole was tied when Floyd made a 12-foot birdie putt then Nicklaus rolled in a 10-footer to carry the prize money over to No. 5.

After pulling a 5-foot birdie putt that would have won the par-3 second hole for him, Palmer came back to win the money anyway. With No. 3 worth $30,000, Palmer hit his chip shot on the 601-yard, par-5 within two feet of the pin, then rolled in the birdie putt to win his first skin of 1994.

Nicklaus, who won the least money, $55,000, of the four players in the 1993 Senior Skins, started off by winning the first hole this time.