I am a schoolteacher by day and run a small business evenings out of my home called The Musket Den. I started my business a year ago, selling firearms to friends. Since then, I've met many fine people. Most are professionals I've gotten to know and trust.

Once an individual whom I was told was unstable wanted to buy a gun from me. As far as I know, he is still unarmed. I find it difficult to believe a large gun store would have dissuaded him from buying that gun.I pride myself on meticulous record-keeping and obey all laws concerning my business. That's why I find it so ironic that our government has targeted me as an undesirable element to be eradicated. It seems that recently the honest, decent people who play by the rules are the objects of "anti-crime" legislation. True, it is far more difficult to go after criminals, who work in secret and keep no records.

I wonder if criminal gun dealers, who sell their record-free weapons at huge black-market prices, will be stifled by the new $600 licensing fee increase? Last year, I sold $10,000 worth of firearms and made 4 percent profit. The government wins a giant step toward a safer America.

I can't afford the new fee hike, and I am going out of business.

Brian Frankowski