Five Southern Utah University/Utah State University cooperative courses for master's degrees in teacher education are being offered winter quarter - three in St. George and two in Cedar City.

The cooperative master's degree program has been especially tailored to meet the needs of in-service teachers. The majority of the classwork required for the master's degree can be completed at SUU during the summer, with other classes taught during the regular school year. A certification program in public school supervision and administration is also offered concurrently with the cooperative master's course.Courses offered in St. George, on the Dixie College campus, include Content Area Reading/Writing (SECED 609), Improvement of Science Instruction (ELED 670), and principles of Learning (PSY 666). The classes offered on the SUU campus winter quarter are: Organization and Control of Public Schools (EDUC 654), and Current Problems in Elementary/Secondary Education (ELED/SECED 624).

All of the classes will meet on weekdays at 5 p.m. Registration will be at the first class session.

For further information, contact Dr. James Miller at SUU, 586-7800, or Dr. Varnell Bench at USU, 750-1473.