George Washington may not have really chopped down the cherry tree, but cherries have come to be associated with him ever since. Which makes February a good time to cook up cherry concoctions. Their bright red color also works well for Valentine's Day - or just to chase away those mid-winter blues.

So dig out your favorite cherry recipes and send them in for our February Recipe Exchange.We'll take desserts, salads, main dishes, whatever.

Rules for submitting recipes:

1. Submit only one recipe per sheet of paper (but all can be mailed in the same envelope). Include name and address on each recipe. Mail to Recipe Exchange, P.O. Box 1257, Salt Lake City, UT 84110.

2. No more than three recipes will be accepted from any one person.

3. Recipes must be postmarked no later than January 14.

4. If identical recipes are received, the one with the earliest postmark will be tested.

5. Recipes will be tried by a panel of testers, with the best recipes printed in the Deseret News Food Extra the first Tuesday in February. Readers whose recipes are selected will receive $10.

Thanks to our readers who submitted recipes for the January exchange: Donna Carper, Mrs. Bardella Syme, Ellen Koucos, Lisa Johnson, Christie Chambers, Thelma Rouse, Layna Gee, Virginia Semadeni, Charlene M. Hatch, Jeannine Nielson, Jacob Fullmer, Melea Mower, Beth Duering, Elaunna O. Casao, Janice Collins, Ben Fullmer.