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Alta View Hospital-

BROWN, Julie and Steven, Midvale, boy.

American Fork Hospital-

ALLEN, Elizabeth and Charles, Orem, boy.

ANDERSON, April and Kurt, Provo, girl.

ANDERSON, Sarah and Tim, Provo, boy.

ARIAS, Lourdes and Hugo, Pleasant Grove, girl.

BECKSTEAD, Lanet and Phillip, Lehi, boy.

BECKSTED, Stephanie and Kirk, Lehi, boy.

BRANDT, Lisa and Greg, Provo, boy.

BROADBENT, Rabranda and David, Lehi, boy.

BROWER, Melanie and Scott, Orem, girl.

CARTER, Christina and Shun, Provo, boy.

CLARK, Vicky and Craig, Pleasant Grove, girl.

CLEMENTS, Geraldine and Bradly, Pleasant Grove, boy.

COOPER, Melissa and Hal, Orem, boy.

FELICIA, Stacy and Marcel, Provo, girl.

FORDHAM, Pamala and Gerry, Cedar Hills, boy.

GREENHALGH, Christine and Scott, Spring City, Sanpete County, girl.

HIATT, Rachelle and James, Provo, boy.

HOSMAN, Tamara and Sean, Bountiful, boy.

HUNT, Carol and Robert, Lehi, boy.

HUTCHINSON, Becky and David, Lehi, girl.

JENSEN, Sherri and David, Springville, boy.

JOHNSON, Jeanne and Robert, American Fork, girl.

LOWE, Christine and Chad, Provo, boy.

MANERS, Nicole and Richard, Springville, girl.

MIESS, Stephanie and David, Highland, boy.

OLER, Angeline and Gerald, Lehi, girl.

OLSEN, Kristen and Rocky, American Fork, girl.

PARSONS, Cynthia and Ronald, Orem, girl.

ROSE, Claudia and David, Cedar Valley, girl.

ROWLEY, Lorainne and George, American Fork, boy.

SEEGMILLER, Jennifer and Jeffrey, Provo, boy.

SHELTON, Linda and Rex, American Fork, girl.

SORENSON, Spring and Marvin, Lehi, girl.

SPAULDING, Rebecca and Roger, American Fork, boy.

SQUIRES, Donna and Richard, Pleasant Grove, girl.

TAYLOR, Shelly and Mark, Pleasant Grove, girl.

THOMPSON, Kim and James, Provo, boy.

WALSH, Amber and Aaron, American Fork, boy.

WALTERS, Jane and David, Payson, girl.

Cottonwood Hospital-

ABBOTT, Alicia and Wade, Salt Lake City, girl.

ANGILAU, Puanani and Siope, Salt Lake City, girl.

ARBON, Patty and Keith, Bountiful, boy.

BABB, J'Amy and Russ, Sandy, boy.

BELL, Nicol and Kent, Salt Lake City, girl.

BOWMAN, Lisa and McCURDY, Steve, Murray, girl.

CALL, Carrie and Gregory, Salt Lake City, girl.

CHRISTENSEN, Patricia and Donald, Coalville, girl.

DAVIDSON, Shelly and Russ, Salt Lake City, girl.

GREEN, Kristina and Evan, Salt Lake City, boy.

HASSAN, Camille and Joseph, West Jordan, girl.

HAWKER, Soni and Curtis, Salt Lake City, boy.

JARAMILLO, Marnie and MARQUEZ, Joseph, Salt Lake City, boy.

KIDMAN, Marchelle and Rex, Salt Lake City, boy.

LAMBSON, Deanna and Don, Sandy, boy.

LOULIAS, Kristin and Todd, Salt Lake City, boy.

McNEILL, Constance and Daniel, Salt Lake City, boy.

MOODY, Sharla and Paul, Salt Lake City, boy.

NUNLEY, Dixie and RIO, Geoffrey, Kearns, boy.

PARKER, Gaynell and Guy, Salt Lake City, boy.

PARKERS, Tamara and Brian, Salt Lake City, girl.

SHELLEY, Andrea and Stan, Highland, boy.

STEPHENS, Nancy, Salt Lake City, boy.

TEMPEST, Lynne and EARL, Stephen, Salt Lake City, girl.

FHP Birthing Suites-

ARNOLD, Mary and Russell, Provo, girl.

CLARK, Mary Jeane and Steve, West Valley City, boy.

DURAN, Bernadette and MARTINEZ, Gilbert, Salt Lake City, girl.

EDMONDS, Rebecca and Michael, Sandy, boy.

TURNER, Rebecca and Roscoe, Salt Lake City, girl.

Holy Cross Hospital-

CANTU, Kathleen and Adrian, Bountiful, boy.

EVANS, Cindy and Dana, West Jordan, boy.

HULLINGER, Mary, Salt Lake City, girl.

KRIVANEC, Kay and Ken, Centerville, girl.

PATRICK, Tami and Kelly, Salt Lake City, girl.

RETTENMAIR, Lacy and ROBINSON, Gunner, West Valley City, boy.

TUAI, Misimoa and Mapuana, Salt Lake City, boy.

Holy Cross Jordan Valley Hospital-

ALIRES, Felicia and RAMIREZ, Jesse, boy.

CHRISTENSEN, Katja and Kenneth, boy.

HANSEN, Kimberly, boy.

LINDSEY, Kristen and Jerry, boy.

ORGES, Tiffanie and Frank, girl.

SHERMAN, Michelle and Gary, boy.

WESTOVER, Cindy and David, girl.

Lakeview Hospital-

HARDY, Kathy and Scott, Bountiful, boy.

STOWE, Darcy and John, Midvale, girl.

LDS Hospital-

BARTHOLOMEW, Clarrisa and Troy, Salt Lake City, girl.

DEACON, Cheryl and Robert, Salt Lake City, girl.

EHLERT, Catherine and Paul, Salt Lake City, boy.

HAGLUND, Cynthia and John, Salt Lake City, boy.

HARRIDGE, Jean, Salt Lake City, girl.

RADLE, Robin and John, Salt Lake City, girl.

WOODMANSEE, Leslie and Dirk, Salt Lake City, girl.

Mountain View Hospital-

ARELLANO, Adelina and Garcia, Santaquin, boy.

ARNETT, Helene and Larry, Springville, girl.

BALLARD, Diane and Jay, Springville, boy.

BIGLER, Jeanette and Devon, Payson, girl.

BRIMHALL, Elaina and Kevin, Provo, girl.

CARROL, Candice and Edward, Payson, boy.

CHALK, Heidi and Edward, Springville, girl.

CRAIG, Ann and Kelly, Springville, boy.

CRAIG, Jennifer and Rory, Spanish Fork, boy.

DIAMOND, Andrea and Neil, Spanish Fork, girl.

ERICKSON, Dawna and William, Lehi, boy.

FERRAN, Paula and David, Spanish Fork, boy.

HILL, Laural and Jonathon, Provo, boy.

HOPPER, Jennifer and David, Provo, boy.

INGRAM, Desiree and Jared, Nephi, girl.

JAMES, Geri and Bill, Mapleton, girl.

JORGENSON, Angela and Todd, Mt. Pleasant, girl.

KRONMILLER, Natalie and Mickah, Springville, girl.

MATSON, Lori and Steven, Spanish Fork, girl.

MORRIS, Melissa and Matt, Nephi, girl.

ORTIZ, Marina and Nicholas, Payson, boy.

PACE, Jody and Blaine, Fairview, girl.

PAYNE, Stephanie and Scott, Spanish Fork, boy.

PEDERSON, Kristiane and Scott, Mapleton, boy.

PENROD, Pam and Darius, Elberta, boy.

PETTINGILL, Tonya and Troy, Provo, girl.

RIBARICH, Dominique and Ron, Orem, boy.

ROWLEY, Debra and Dale, Santaquin, boy.

SCOTT, Tata and Steven, Spanish Fork, girl.

SPENCER, Christine and Ken, Provo, girl.

SPENCER, Tonya, Eureka, Juab County, girl.

STOKES, Suzanne and Clark, Huntington, girl.

TAYLOR, Cordi and Branden, Spanish Fork, boy.

TURNSPED, Tammy and Richard, Provo, boy.

WHELOCK, Robin and Cory, Provo, girl.

Orem Community Hospital-

ADAMS, Rebecca and Wesley, Provo, boy.

BUTLER, Darya and Ross Erin, Spanish Fork, boy.

BUTTEL, Kristin and John, Provo, boy.

COWLEY, Sabrina Kellis and Daron, Orem, boy.

ERICKSON, Catherine and David, Orem, girl.

GERVAIS, Lisa M. and Antonio Peter, Provo, boy.

HATCH, Janet Eve and Nathan S., Orem, boy.

JONSON, Michelle and Rand, Orem, girl.

PALMER, Gaylynn and Troy, Orem, girl.

RITTENHOUSE, Jamie Jo and Dave, Provo, boy.

RITTER, Stephanie Anne and Judd Lee, Provo, girl.

ROWLAND, Tammy Lynn and Steven C., Provo, girl.

STANWORTH, Frana B. and Terry, Orem, girl.

STECK, Kandi and Bryan, Orem, girl.

STUERMER, Lisa J. and Damid M., Provo, girl.

Pioneer Valley Hospital-

BERKNESS, Shauna, West Valley City, girl.

FULLMER, Jennifer and Ferrol, Kearns, girl.

GRAY, Karol and Russell, Salt Lake City, boy.

IORG, Faline and Gerald, Kearns, boy.

JENSEN, Gene and Travis, Kearns, boy.

McLAUGHLAN, Vonnie and Jason, West Valley City, girl.

NICHOLLS, Beverly, West Jordan, boy.

SIMPKINS, Marilee and Guy, West Jordan, boy.

SMITH, Tina and Kurtis, West Valley City, boy.

VIERIG, Jami and Brandon, South Salt Lake, boy.

University Hospital-

BURKE, Stephanie, Salt Lake City, boy.

CONFER, Hope, Salt Lake City, boy.

COWGILL, Jacqueline and Adam, Midvale, boy.

ELLERY, Barbara and Gary, Salt Lake City, girl.

HAMALA, Amio, Kearns, boy.

HANSEN, Jennifer and Ron, Salt Lake City, boy.

LI, Lili and CHENG, Liping, Salt Lake City, boy.

MOSQUEDA, Afelda, Pocatello, Idaho, boy.

NIELSON, Brenda and Jim, West Jordan, boy.

PAIK, Gyung Hyun and CHO, Jooeun, Salt Lake City, girl.

PASSEY, Laurie and Delvin, Afton, Wyo., boy.

SHON, Pongkyum and KONG, Misuk, Salt Lake City, boy.

SPENCER, Laura and Mark, Evanston, Wyo., boy.

TERRY, Gwendolyn, Tooele, girl.

WHITE, Melissa and Eric, Cedar Valley, girl.