Wanted: Information leading to the apprehension of St. Nick.

No, he didn't commit any crimes. The folks at Doo-Dah Day Care just want to know who to thank.Doo-Dah owner Nancy Gottschalk watched a truck back up to the day-care center Wednesday and unload 200 pounds of toys.

"My first question was, `Do I have to pay for this?' " she said.

Gottschalk said the truck driver told her the toys had been paid for, in cash, and that the donor signed the name St. Nick.

The truck driver, who did not want his name used, said he didn't know where the toys originated. And even if he did know, he said, he wouldn't tell.

The toys include dolls, blocks, a merry-go-round and two teeter-totters.

Gottschalk put up wanted posters in stores, hoping someone will identify her benefactor.

But even if she never discovers St. Nick's identity, she said, the gifts made 20 children very happy.