Utah has received up to two months' worth of rain in the last 17

days. Since the water year began Oct. 1, Salt Lake City has received 2.19 inches of precipitation. It took until Nov. 19 to get that much moisture last

year."Widespread precipitation of copious proportions has blessed Utah," said National Weather Service meteorologist William Alder. "We've had enough precipitation to satisfy our thirst for 11/2 months, two months in some places. It was just a beautiful storm."

The month's second slow-moving storm kept releasing rain and snow throughout Utah Monday and early Tuesday, more than three days after it

arrived. Two feet of snow was common in upper reaches of the northern Utah mountains. Snow-bird reported 32 inches at the top of the tram by Monday

evening. Almost a foot of snow covered the ground around Beaver and Milford, while the foothills around Kanosh had 17 inches, Alder said.

In southern Utah County, 21/2 to 3 inches of rain has fallen since Friday night. Monticello has received nearly 2 inches, Fillmore 3 inches, Green River 1.5 inches and Duchesne 0.75 inch.

After a few scattered showers Tuesday, clear and warmer weather is forecast, with a weak storm poised to move into the region late Friday or Saturday.