David E. Yocom (D)

David Yocom, who has been the Salt Lake County attorney since 1986, has been practicing law since his graduation from the University of Utah College of Law in 1965.

Yocom was a prosecutor for nine years, then was in a private practice for seven years before he was elected to office. He currently is chairman of the advisory board of the Statewide Association of Prosecutors.

Yocom believes the district attorney should be a criminal-law expert and skilled administrator who handles some cases but spends the majority of his time being a leader fighting for needed changes to assist police and prosecutors. If elected, he says, he would continue to push for new laws ensuring successful prosecution and incarceration of serious youth offenders.

Neal Gunnarson (R)

Neal Gunnarson, 52, was an Ogden police officer and worked as a prosecutor in Davis and Salt Lake counties for 16 years, spending five years of that time prosecuting child abuse and sexual abuse cases. He graduated from the University of Utah College of Law in 1972.

Gunnarson believes Salt Lake County wants its district attorney to be a tough active prosecutor and not an administrator. He has criticized the county attorney's office for being soft on gang crime and allowing too many plea bargains.

If elected, Gunnarson said he would push to prosecute more violent juvenile offenders as adults and would be tougher on adults. When career juvenile criminals turn 18 and break the law, he proposes toughened prosecution against them.