MONDAY: Article 32 hearing at Sembach air base, Germany, for pilot charged with negligent homicide in April "friendly fire" shootdown of two helicopters over northern Iraq. Prince Charles opens World Congress on Urban Growth and the Environment in Hong Kong. U.S. and South Korean military forces end their weeklong field exercise, which North Korea has condemned.

TUESDAY: Election Day in Utah and elsewhere. Fifth anniversary of opening of Berlin Wall. Jordan's Parliament to vote on peace treaty with Israel.WEDNESDAY: Sri Lanka holds presidential election. Christie's fall sale of impressionist and modern art, includes Monet's "Waterlilies," estimated at $4 million to $6 million, from the estate of philanthropist Alice Tully.

THURSDAY: New Bundestag meets in Reichstag building, with East German dissident writer Stefan Heym, 81, giving opening speech.

FRIDAY: Veterans Day - the 75th annual observance of the holiday. South African National Defense Force celebrates integration of former guerrilla fighters into the military. President Clinton leaves for five-day trip to Manila and the Asian Pacific Economic Group conference in Jakarta, Indonesia.