As I read "Report of plane crash exploitive" on Oct. 22, I am in full agreement with Dana Springer's comments. Not only were both of my parents and my brother very good friends of Weldon Glines and Dan Sullivan, but all were members of the EAA together. My father died in almost the same area two years ago in August where Weldon Glines' plane went down.

When Weldon Glines died along with Dan Sullivan's son, James, on that day, my mother relived my father's death all over again. And all the people of Herriman could think about was themselves, and all the media could think about was getting a story on the people of Herriman.That flying area was probably there long before they were. They knew flying (stunt flying) was done in that area frequently, and yet it was their decision to build a home there or move there. I don't feel sorry for the people of Herriman because it was their decision to live there. I feel sorry for them because they don't think about the families who have lost loved ones and neither does the media. They'll do anything to get a story, and then most of the time it's incorrect.

Paula Prince

West Valley City