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I believe that controversy over the West High Christmas concert is a perfect example of how the First Amendment and the rights it provides have been misinterpreted.

The First Amendment to the Constitution does not provide for the separation of religion and state, only the separation of church and state, or in the words of the First Amendment "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion." Mr. Bauchman has confused religion, a belief or worship in God or gods, with an establishment of religion, an organization created to ordain and sustain religion.So, even though his daughter may not like singing about a Christian God, as long as the music is not being used to ordain or sustain a specific religion, the First Amendment does not apply. In fact, if one takes a strict point of view it is possible to interpret it as saying that as long as Congress does not make a law, anything goes.

Finally, I'd like to say that I appreciate high school choirs being able to sing about God. I am currently a sophomore at West Jordan High. I believe that there is already too little religion in high school. The atmosphere would much improve if there was a little public prayer, if the Creation as told in the Bible was mentioned as a plausible theory in science books, if it was possible to mix religion with a public education.

Clinton King

West Jordan