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The Watercolor Society of Utah's juried exhibit at the Loge Gallery, Pioneer Memorial Theater, will be on display until Dec. 17. If you haven't had the opportunity to view the works, take the time. You won't be disappointed.

Jossy Lowres' "Forest Colors" is a case in point. Unlike many watercolorists who favor the medium's usual transparency, Lowres employs gouache, giving her works the opacity of tempera. In "Forest Colors" her palette is muted, the greens and browns of nature literally playing with each other in an abstract, compositional splash. Most pleasing are her brush-strokes. Reminiscent of Japanese calligraphy, each stroke is a design in itself."Two Times White" by Thomas Leek is a playful piece consisting of horizontal and vertical shapes compositionally at odds. Nothing is static, everything seems alive. Leek's subject matter is very Klee-esque, and the result is likely to please any viewer.

Another exceptional piece is Dave Burton's "Death Valley." The painting authenticates the peaceful mood of deserts: the wind-etched sand recedes from grassy knolls, moving away toward distant mountains. Burton achieves a visual depth here many watercolorists find difficult to achieve.

In Dottie Miles "Decisions," the artist presents us with a social problem: drink. Complementary colors bleed together, forming men, women and liquor bottles that become indistinguishable. The faces of the people and the bottles appear to suffer. There is no hope in this dark piece. Decisions have been made and the outcome isn't promising. It is a powerful work, standing alone among the other paintings in the show.

The Best of Show was captured by Joyce Topham for "Silks." The only word to describe this painting is masterful. The suppleness of folds and the intricacies of lace labor together to form an exotic, colorful design that the eye can wander through for minutes.

The show, juried by Fred Van Dyke, head of the art department for Salt Lake Community College, ends this Saturday. So take your family, a date, anybody and visit the Loge gallery.