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SCHOLARS: A record number of women were named Rhodes scholars in Los Angeles on Sunday for the third straight year, again outnumbering men in the competition for prestigious scholarships to attend Oxford University. Eighteen women and 14 men will head to Oxford next fall, with plans to pursue studies in engineering, medicine, politics and theology, among other subjects. Seventeen women were named scholars last year and 16 women in 1992. The program's criteria include high academic achievement, integrity, leadership and athletic prowess, program officials said.EXECUTION: Raymond Carl Kinnamon fought his executioners until the very end. "I want everybody to know I'm not ready to go," he said shortly before dawn Sunday in the Huntsville, Texas, prison. He tried to prove it, with a 30-minute filibuster in an apparent attempt to talk his way past the dawn execution deadline set in his death warrant. Then he tried to escape from leather restraints that kept him connected to two intravenous tubes already positioned to deliver a solution of lethal drugs. The 53-year-old career criminal was executed Sunday for a killing during a $1,500 bar robbery in Houston exactly 10 years earlier.

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VIOLENCE: Algerian troops shot and killed seven Muslim guerrillas, including one who took a couple and their 5-year-old son hostage Sunday, Algeria's APS agency said. The latest violence began when a Muslim gunman killed a security force member in the western town of Souidania, about 35 miles west of the capital Algiers. He then took refuge in a house where he seized the three inhabitants as hostages, APS said quoting an official statement. Troops stormed the house, killing the gunman and freeing his three captives unharmed.

HOPES FADING: American and Canadian rescuers searched a broad swath of the North Atlantic on Sunday, but hopes of finding more survivors from a sunken Ukrainian cargo ship were fading fast. Two of the 31 crew members of the Salvador Allende have been rescued and seven crewmen are confirmed dead. No one was found on Sunday. A Marine Reserve plane spotted a 22-foot wooden lifeboat, but no one was inside, said Maj. Jim Finkle, spokesman for the New York Air National Guard.