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It was with some interest and amusement that I read Ken Zenger's letter "Judges should be disciplined" (Forum Nov. 29).

Zenger doesn't understand the relationship between judges and lawyers. As long as we the people allow lawyers to become judges, we will continue to have "wimpy decisions" from our judges. I have often said, "Whatever decision a judge hands down, it will be in favor of attorneys."Zenger states that, "It is time the justice system is put on trial." It was put on trial just last month. How many citizens voted not to retain judges in office? How many even knew anything about the judge they were voting for? How many noted the full page in the newspaper where lawyers rated judges? It was amazing. Every judge, without exception, was rated absolutely tops. Lawyers obviously don't think any judges are making wimpy decisions.

The reason William Clarke's jail sentence was suspended is simple. Clarke had a lawyer. If a lawyer couldn't get your sentenced reduced, there'd be no need for a lawyer. When you show up in court with a lawyer there's an unwritten understanding between the former-lawyer judge and your lawyer that the judge will make it worth your while to have retained counsel. You may think the judge ruled in your favor, but in reality he ruled in favor of your lawyer.

If we want our justice system to work, lawyers must not be allowed to become judges.

George Hawkins