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The passage of Proposition 187 in California has prompted many people, including Marjorie Cortez of the Deseret News, to cry racism. Many are saying that the vote for Proposition 187 was a vote against citizens with Hispanic heritage. Nothing could be further from the truth. Californians were simply crying out for some sanity in solving the illegal immigration problem.

I was born in Southern California and lived there most of my adult life. I went to school with Hispanics. I played sports with Hispanics. I went to dances and parties with Hispanics. Some members of my family married Hispanics. I, in fact, enjoy the Hispanic culture, Hispanic food and Hispanic architecture.My support for those who passed Proposition 187 in California comes from a desire to have all immigration legal and to have the laws of the United States followed. Cortez and others apparently give little or no thought to the term "illegal immigrant." Illegal immigrants are breaking the law.

The proximity of Mexico to our southern borders does mean that most illegal immigrants are from that country, but Proposition 187 addresses the critical need to curb all unlawful entry into the United States from any source. We are a country of immigrants. My grandparents immigrated legally to this country more than a century ago.

We need to get control of our borders, stop unlawful immigration into this country and, when appropriate, increase the quotas for legal immigration.

Harold Southwick