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Government action


In its meeting Tuesday, Dec. 6, the Centervlle City Council:

- Presented an award of appreciation to the Centerville Young Adult Ward, which raised $1,200 for purchase of a dsiplay case in the city hall lobby.

- Presented a 20-year service award to Lt. Russ Furse of the ciity's police department.

- Presented Police Chief Jim Oswald and officer Thomas Spencer with meritorius service awards for their work in a recent fatality on I-15.

- Approved the rezone of 1.3 acres at 600 E. Chase Lane from A-1 to R-1-10 for residential development.

- Approved a police department grant request for federal funds to hire three additional police officers through the Community Oriented Policing Serivces (COPS) program.

- Tabled a request from resident Spence Packer to have the city take over maintenance of subsurface drains in his subdivision. The city has had several similar requests in past years but has declined to take responsibility for drains installed by private developers.


In its meeting Wednesday, Dec. 7, the Farmington City Council:

- Received a proposed sidewalk construction and trail master plan from the Planning Commission. The council will review and hold hearings on the plan before adopting it.

- Denied an appeal by Symphony Homes to install a trailer on one of its building lots in Cave Hollow Subdivision as a temporary sales office.

- Approved a request by developer John T. Clark for engineerng help to design a street system and culinary water plan for property on the city's southeast bench.

- Approved a request by Michael Burton to landscape city-owned property around a water storage tank adjacent to his property.

- Tabled amendments being proposed to the city's sign ordinance limiting the placement, number and size of political campaign signs on city property.

- Heard a report from City Manager Max Forbush that the city has submitted an application to the State Water Board for an additional $350,000 for improvements to the city's culinary water system.

Woods Cross

At its meeting Tuesday, Dec. 6, the Woods Cross City Council:

- Approved a rezone of 50 acres of property at 2400 South and Redwood Road from A-1 (agricultural) to I-1A (light industrial) to accommodate the pending move of the South Bountiful auto salvage yard from its present location at 847 W. 1500 South.

- Approved an amendment of the city zoning ordinance to allow for "flag lots," that is, a piece of property with a house on it which is set behind other houses (the flag) with a driveway running between two frontal lots allowing access to the street (the staff). The existing zoning ordinance did not allow for flag lots, but residents had complained to the Board of Adjustments that some pieces of property could not be developed any other way.

County Board of Health

At its meeting Tuesday, Dec. 6, the Davis County Health Board:

- Approved the appointment of Dr. Mark G. Flammer and Dr. Howard W. Lund to the Davis Emergency Medical Services Council.

- Presented letters of appreciation to six Subway Sandwich store managers in the county for their participation in the annual Smokeout program.

- Presented letters of appreciation to staff nurses for their work in writing protocols for the county's Sexually Transmitted Disease clinic and protocols for prescribing supplemental fluoride. The protocols will be used as models statewide in other health departments.

- Announced the receipt of a federal grant of $150,000 annually for the next three years for a pilot early intervention program aimed at identifying at-risk children. The multiagency program will offer parents nutritional, parenting and other counseling.

- Heard a report from Kaysville Jr. High students on a lobbying effort they will mount in the upcoming Utah Legislature to support a bill limiting access to tobacco products in retail outlets.

- Approved a policy on distribution of blankets donated to the county's Women, Infants and Children nutrition program.

- Appointed a search committee to begin looking for a new department director. Dr. E. Arnold Isaacson announced he will retire April 1.