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Four medical inventions were among the ten by Utah inventors that were granted patents by the United States Patent Office. Copies of patents are available by number for $3.00 from Box 9, Patent and Trademark Office, Washington D.C. 20231.

- Gordon P. George, Alpine. Fiber-optic intubating scope with camera and lightweight portable display. Filed Dec. 9, 1992. Patent 5,363,838.- Robert P. Tuckett; Kenneth W. Horch; John H. Fisher, all of Salt Lake City, and Barry L. Evans, Murray. An apparatus for automatically testing the cutaneous sensory response of a patient. Assigned to Topical Testing, Inc., Salt Lake City. Filed June 10, 1991, a continuation-in-part of patent 5,022,407. Patent 5,363,859.

- M. Elmer James, Mendon. An electrically powered drive system for an off-road vehicle having a pair of endless tracks. Assigned to LMC Operating Corp., Logan. Filed Oct. 19, 1992. Patent 5,363,937.

- Dan E. Fischer, Sandy. A syringe system for conveniently and efficiently matching tooth-composite colors. Assigned to Ultradent Products, Inc., South Jordan. Filed Feb. 16, 1993. Patent 5,364,267.

- David Beattie; John Miller, and Victor Gamble, all of Salt Lake City. A dual lumen catheter. Assigned to The Kendall Company, Mansfield, Mass. Filed Oct. 22, 1993. Patent 5,364,344.

- Hugh S. West, Jr.,Salt Lake City. Arthroscopic surgical instrument with cauterizing capability. Filed May 14, 1993. Patent 5,364,395.

- Richard B. Jaffe, Salt Lake City, and Frank A. Parrish, Ellettsville, Ind. A magnetic retrieval catheter for retrieving large, heavy, or irregularly shaped magnetically attractable objects. Assigned to Cook Incorporated, Bloomington, Ind. Filed Sep. 4, 1992, a continuation of application Dec. 21, 1990. Patent 5,364,404.

- Steven C. Rasmussen, Salt Lake City. A warning alarm device for an evaporative cooler to allow water overflow. Filed Sep. 4, 1992. Patent 5,365,220.

- Lawrence B. Horton, Provo. Christmas tree light system. Filed Nov. 20, 1992. Design patent 352,562.