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As a daily UTA passenger for over a decade, I have become quite familiar with the workings of this system. Each year I am amazed at the bus drivers and their ability to cope not only with the weather and Utah drivers but sometimes with difficult passengers.

Thus my dismay to discover how they are treated by the UTA. Drivers who have been with UTA for 15 years still have split shifts. Would any employee like to go to work for three hours, have five hours off and then return to work for five more hours? No home life, no family life, no personal life at all. The morale of drivers must be incredibly low to be treated in such a manner.I could not fathom why UTA could not come up with a better scheduling procedure; I at first figured it was just so management could get out of paying higher benefits. But I discovered their motive: UTA gets $10,000 from the federal government to train all new bus drivers, most of which is pure profit, so they are glad to have a huge turnover. This procedure is not right; it is not how a company should be run; it is not how employees should be treated. Long-term employees should be rewarded for their valued service and treated accordingly.

Kerry Hammond

Salt Lake City