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I am writing in regard to your editorial about the Taylorsville-Bennion incorporation effort (Nov. 21).

I would like to clarify a few things.First of all, this incorporation drive is different from the previous plans to incorporate the area. Some residents who fought against incorporation in the past are now on the committee to incorporate. Also, the committee has learned a few things from the past efforts - the most important being that a better attempt needs to be made to educate Taylorsville-Bennion residents about incorporation. Currently, the committee is planning an education process that will begin after the feasibility study is complete and will continue until the election.

Secondly, annexation is a threat. Although residents cannot be annexed by neighboring cities against their will, other things may happen to force annexation. When commercial or real estate areas develop, they are required by law to apply for annexation to any city within one-half mile of its location. If a city gets close enough to the property, it could be annexed right under the noses of the citizens of the Tay-lors-ville-Bennion community. That means that the Salt Lake County tax base could slowly be eaten up by the already-incorporated cities.

This is especially evident in the Taylorsville area on Redwood Road between 5400 South and 6200 South. The neighboring cities have been inching their way toward this commercial tax base. Wal-Mart is wanted by all three cities. If one of the city's boundaries gets close enough, it could take it. If this happens, unincorporated areas will be forced to join a city because the county, with the depleted tax base, will no longer be able to provide services.

With incorporation, on the other hand, we could contract with the county for services this way, county services will still operate and county workers will keep their jobs. Taylorsville-Bennion will keep its community and the government will be closer to the people.

It's going to happen, folks. If Taylorsville-Bennion residents don't incorporate, you can bet that within a few years, another city will consume the tax base and we will be forced to join another city. Which do you want to be part of - Murray, West Jordan, West Valley City, or your own city, Taylorsville-Bennion?

Aimee Newton