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I have had the opportunity to work at major organizations both public and private and have yet to find one that matches the level of professionalism, integrity and service excellence that exists at Utah Transit Authority.

Our board of directors is comprised of individuals with a wide range of professional and civic credentials who are well-versed, responsible and dedicated to improving public mobility. The board members are appointed by their city and county governments and serve voluntarily. Theirs is the time-consuming and often thankless task of evaluating and pursuing the most efficient mass transit planning and technologies available, in order to provide for the present and future mobility of Wasatch Front commuters.UTA operators, mechanics, staff and administrators are well-qualified. The UTA organization is dedicated to teamwork and listening. During significant ridership and organizational growth over the past 10 years, UTA has managed to remember that the most valuable resources that any public or private agency has are human; its work force and its customers.

I am proud to be an employee of the Utah Transit Authority.

Toni Landvatter

Salt Lake City