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Robert Redford owns one of the most pristine and quiet resort and artistic communities in the world, and he wants to share more of it with local residents.

Sundance officials say many residents think the resort is geared only to attracting out-of-town guests. In reality, the resort has much to offer the local resident, tourist, artist and connoisseur of fine culture."There are many aspects to Sundance and we need to communicate to the community that these are here," Sundance spokeswoman Julie Mack said.

To increase local awareness of opportunities at Sundance and to improve communication with local officials, resort officials recently formed the Sundance Advisory Board. The board comprises 16 local community, educational and business leaders. Utah Valley State College President Kerry Romesburg is chairman of the board.

"Utah County is fortunate to be home of one of the top ski and vacation resorts in the nation. This is a tremendous resource for our entire community," Romesburg said.

The board's function will be to advise Sundance on ways to improve Utah County's involvement in Sundance activities.

"We want to better involve the community in all of the Sundance programs and Kerry has a great understanding of arts and education," Redford said.

The panel's main goals will be to increase local involvement in Sundance arts and theater programs, provide more local input on development of Sundance as a world-class resort and to enhance local participation in the Sundance Film Festival.

In fact, the Sundance Advisory Board is responsible for bringing two Sundance Film Festival showings to Provo and Orem. Board members asked Sundance officials what it would take to bring the festival to Utah County, and they were told a couple of major sponsors. Novell, Geneva Steel and the Utah County Film Commission stepped forward.

"I think (Utah County and the Sundance Film Festival) have been apart too long. I think we need each other," Novell Chief Executive Officer Robert Frankenberg said.

"One of the great treasures of our community is Sundance," said Joseph Cannon, Geneva Steel chief executive officer.