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"Misogyny" means "a hatred of women," but is there a word for the hated of men?

There is such a word, say editors at Merriam Webster Inc., but surprisingly it's far less common than the analogous "misogyny," and it won't be found in most general dictionaries. The word is "misandry," derived from the Greek word for "man," just as the root of "misogyny" comes from the Greek word for "woman." A logical derivative is "misandrist," meaning "one who hates men," but this term is even rarer than "misandry" and is not entered even in our most comprehensive dictionary.The "mis-" of these words is taken from the Greek verb "mis-ein," "to hate." It can also be found in "misogamy" (sometimes confused with "mi-sogyny"), "a hatred of mar-riage"; "misanthropy," "a hatred or disgust of mankind"; "misology," "a hatred of argu-ment, reasoning, or enlighten-ment"; and "misoneism," "a hatred, fear, or intolerance of in-novation or change."