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Christmas is coming this weekend and here's what some radio stations and DJs might be asking Santa Claus for this year:

KSL - An FM frequency in the Wasatch Front market.KXRK - A better signal in eastern Davis County.

KSFI - A sure-fire way to shed its outdated "elevator music" image.

KUMT - A "mountain" of new listeners.

KTCE - A permanent transmitter.

KFAM - Digital radio quality sound or an FM frequency for its easy listening AM radio format.

KSRR - A powerful transmitter up north.

KMGR/KSRR - More advertising support for their LDS music formats.

KISN - More minority DJs to satisfy the FCC.

Tom Barberi of KALL - An FM simulcast again.

"Jon and Dan" of KLZX - Another five-year contract next year.

Hans Petersen - A multiyear contract at any radio station.

Tom Bock - A format/radio show that will really utilize his many talents.

- CORRECT CALL LETTERS - Keeping track of radio stations is very difficult. There are so many stations here and most have nicknames. To help clear up confusion, I try to list the official call letters and then use nicknames after that. I've been slow to realize that KWJJ is actually a nickname for FM-106.5 like its "JJ" name is. This is because FM-99.5 in Portland is officially KWJJ.

The official call letters for Utah's FM-106.5 are are actually KUJJ. It has legal permission to use the nickname KWJJ.

- KSL (AM-1160) will have lots of special programming this holiday weekend.

The Saturday, Dec. 24, schedule is: 4-7 a.m. - Christmas music hours; 7 p.m. - CBS news, followed by music from the Mormon Symphony and Chorus; 8:30 p.m. - A Charles Osgood Christmas; 9 p.m. - KSL Christmas music hour; 10 p.m. - KSL Christmas music with local high school choirs and 10:30 p.m. - The Utah Symphony's "Home for the Holidays."

The schedule for Sunday, Dec. 25: midnight - Christmas Mass; 1:30 a.m. - the Road Gang; 5 a.m. - KSL Christmas music; 7 a.m. - Repeat of the LDS First Presidency Christmas devotional; 8 a.m. - KSL's traditional Sunday programs; 10 a.m. - Mormon Tabernacle Choir Christmas; 11:30 - Christmas music with high school choirs; 1 p.m. - KSL Christmas music; 2 p.m. - CBS news, followed by "Messiah" from the Oratorio Society of Utah and 4 p.m. - Regular KSL programming re-sumes.

- KUER (FM-90.1) will air "A Big Band Christmas," Saturday, Dec. 24, 9 p.m.

- The "Rabbit Ears" radio show on Sunday, Dec. 25, 6 p.m. will feature narrations of special Christmas stories by Meryl Streep. "A Jazz Piano Christmas" will air at 9 p.m.

- BONNEVILLE INTERNATIONAL LDS RADIO NETWORK - The price for the special subcarrier radio for this radio station increases an additional $10 beginning Jan. 1. The cost will rise from $85 to $95. Call the Compol Co. at 800-972-0881 to order

- RADIO HAPPENINGS - KISN-AM had an unusual contest last Friday. Listeners had to show up by 7 a.m. to the University Park Hotel and be packed and ready to go on a trip to San Francisco. If their name was drawn at random, they were whisked to the airport for the trip - with two overnight accommodations, tickets to "Phantom of the Opera" and the San Francisco-Denver NFL game . . .

"Cano and McCormick" on KUTQ had a top 10 list on movies inspired by the Middle East Monday. The latest slogan for the morning DJs is "Up with the cows, milking the city" . . . "Fisher and Todd" on KISN-FM receive regular Hollywood news reports from correspondent Claude Nobler. KISN gave away tickets to the new "Mixed Nuts" movie this week and the DJs accepted outrageous tales from listeners Tuesday . . .

Al Pace filled in for the "Wakeup Club" on KVRI Monday. By Tuesday, Scott, Mick and Rebecca were back with "The Polka Monster" and ticket giveaways to the movie "Nell" as well as free Christmas trees . . . Len Allen on KLO gave listeners a few Christmas gift ideas Tuesday, including a zipper carrying case for battery jumper cables and motorized coin banks . . .

Tricia Griffith filled-in for "Jon and Dan" on KLZX Monday. She said the regular DJs were recovering from hosting the station's Christmas party on Sunday. The DJs returned to the air Tuesday with extensive "Toys for Tots" promotions. They also quizzed listeners on Christmas traditions and offered party tips. They even told listeners how they plan to make extra money this Christmas. Jon and Dan bragged about lost Mills Crenshaw holiday tapes they say they have possession of . . .

"Mick and Allen" on KBER provide rock news each morning about 7:15. The DJs also helped advertise a van for sale this week. The van needs to be a sold for a family to be able to afford Christmas presents for their children. "Chin-Wa" told listeners' fortunes Tuesday . . . KODJ has been accepting qualifiers this week for a trip for four to Disneyland . . . KSFI has its annual "100 Hours of Christmas Music" in full swing now . . .

"Gary and Scotty" on KKAT are weighing-in listeners this week to see who can gain the most weight during the holidays. January is national diet month and so they want to sponsor a food binge at the end of this month . . . Tom Barberi on KALL talked about eyebrow and nose rings Tuesday. He also provided some timely holiday stories, such as a man who legally changed his name to Santa Claus . . .

"The Morning Express" on KCNR had a discussion about mooning Tuesday. The talk show hosts also examined ethics and religion in the public schools and where to draw the line . . . "Kerry and Bill" on KXRK Tuesday had a hilarious holiday version of what they do when they're not on the air. Bill was featured as a leg-wrestling Santa and Kerry was a temperamental Saint Nick who only seemed to dislike germs more than kids.