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There's a new rallying cry on gender discrimination: Equal rights for dads who change diapers!

A Mr. Mom is suing Lord & Taylor's after being forced to change his 15-month-old son on the edge of a wet wash basin in the department store's men's room, the Daily News reported Saturday.The women's bathroom there, like many public restrooms for women, has a diaper-changing table, but the men's room, like most restrooms for men, does not.

The offended dad, Andrew Dwyer, who is on paternity leave from his job as a lawyer, filed suit Friday in state Supreme Court, seeking compensatory damages of $1,500 and punitive damages of $10,000, the newspaper said.

"I know these guys are violating the law," Dwyer said. "It's not even a close question. The policy is based on a blatantly sexist assumption that only women change diapers and men don't, that only women are responsible for children and men aren't."

A woman who answered the phone in the store's executive office Saturday said: "We really wouldn't be able to comment if there's legal action going on."