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I am responding to Chris Allen (Forum Nov. 26). He asserts that the defeat of Proposition 3 was a good thing. He states the agenda of the radical right was just too apparent and that the people of Utah don't want to see any money thrown down the litigation rat hole.

My response has to be that the Separationists are pansies. The only reason money is wasted on litigation is that groups like the Separationists are the ones filing all the lawsuits. When the vote goes their way the people are of good conscience and conduct, but if the vote goes against the philosophy they are trying to foist on the public, they can't accept it. The first thing they do is head for court.The most glaring example of this is Proposition 187 in California. The people of that state voted overwhelmingly in support of Proposition 187. The day after the election a bunch of whining crybaby liberals were in court. The same is true of the 1993 prayer amendment. Our legislators passed the amendment and immediately litigation was pending.

Allen states the defeat of Proposition 3 is good news for schoolteachers because it takes pressure off them to push values and heritage. How seditious that our schoolchildren should be taught values and heritage. Instead they are taught they can solve all their problems by relying on the government and condoms. It is inconceivable that the concept of abstaining be taught since abstain has now been labeled a religious word.

If the Separationists had the guts and courage to allow morals and ethics to be taught in our schools, the children who now carry guns, condoms and drugs might begin to believe that treating their fellowman with decency and respect, while learning the concept of hard work, self-control and self-reliance are worthy goals that may solve some of society's problems.

I'm so sick of crybabies who try to pass off the people of religion as radical and on the edge of hysteria. I didn't see the Separationists express any outrage when President Clinton made a speech from the pulpit. I'm sure their reaction would have been much different if President Bush had done the same.

Steven K. Lang