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Predators take on San Jose tonight

Natalie Williams and the Utah Predators (0-1) play their second game of the season tonight at 7 when they host the San Jose Storm at Hunter High School.San Jose, considered one of the league favorites, boasts a powerful lineup which includes national team members Lori Endicott, Bev Oden, Stephanie Thater and beach star Wendy Stammer.

A crowd in excess of 2,000 is expected and fans are encouraged to park in the large lot west of the gymnasium.

30 years of 1-liners

In his new book "Jock Jokes," Orlando Magic general manager Pat Williams has compiled some of the one-liners he has collected in more than 30 years in sports management. Of time keepers at track meets, he says: "These are the souls who time men's tries."

Some of his other favorites:

- "Football combines the worst elements of society - violence and committee meetings."

- "Our offensive line was so good that even our backs couldn't get through it."

Pass the turkey

From Scott Ostler of the San Francisco Chronicle: "Steve Young (of the 49ers) says he has put on some weight lately, and he believes this to be his body's instinctive reaction to the bumps and bruises of his profession, a natural padding. Actually that's not just a football thing. It is a biological mechanism commonly known as `Thanksgiving.' "