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In its November issue, Redbook magazine labeled 3rd District Judge David Young one of America's most sexist judges.

The most powerful weapon against judicial sexism is "exposing those who so unabashedly practice it," the article says. The magazine apparently intended to do just that to Young. The Utah judge "represents what we hope is a fading breed: the old-school sexist," the article says.It details complaints against Young made by Summit County women unhappy with Young's rulings or the way he treated them in court.

The complaints, filed with the Judicial Conduct Commission, have not been fully investigated yet. Young had persistently refused to talk to local media. But he gave two interviews to Redbook.

When asked why he talked to Redbook but won't talk to local media, Young gave his standard reply: "No comment." But he is quoted in Redbook as explaining his cooperation by paraphrasing George Bernard Shaw: "If you fail to learn from those who abhor you and hold you in utter contempt, you've lost a good source of information," Young told the magazine.

Other Young remarks: Does he believe women are inferior to men? "No-ho-ho. I think women are superior to men. Look at the health of women. The durability of women. Look at the intellect of women. My wife's more intelligent than I am. I think women have the capacity. Unfortunately, they don't have the experience, usually. And I think that's sad. I think men and women see things differently. I think we are emotionally different. Sexually different. The juices that flow through our bodies cause us to be different."

Emily Dickinson is his favorite poet, he told the magazine. "Now don't you think it's interesting that a `sexist' judge would choose a woman for that spot?"

One of the complaints against Young involved a spouse-abuse case where Young ordered the wife to give her whereabouts and phone number to the man who beat her so he could visit his children. Young stood by the ruling, telling the magazine, "If you were really being honest, you ought to ask yourself, with spouse abuse, can't these (new laws) be abused by women?"

He also told the magazine that he believes most people favor women.