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I have to laugh after reading the various editorials, comments, and opinions concerning the recent elections. The Democrats just don't get it.

They can't seem to comprehend that the near-total repudiation of their liberal and socialistic policies along with the total lack of faith in the leader of their party is what defeated them at the polls. After 60 years and $4 trillion spent on social programs with no visible signs of improvement, the American people have said "enough."Democrats feel that only the government knows what is best for us, and that only the government can solve our problems and make everything right. Baloney! Freedom, high morals, individual responsibility, excellence, hard work and achievement are the characteristics of people who have made America the greatest nation ever on Earth. And these very characteristics are being punished, all the while rewarding failure, irresponsibility, lack of morals, and laziness. For liberals, the problem is capitalism and the solution is socialism. They are trying to make people as dependent on the government as they possibly can.

As for Bill and Hillary Clinton and the Whitewater investigation, just wait. You haven't heard anything yet. With the Republicans controlling Congress, there will be an honest investigation into the affairs of the Clintons, not a phony hearing lead by the liberals that put 99 percent of the questions that needed to be asked off limits. Doesn't that fact alone make you think?

Daniel A. Chalfant