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It is regrettable that the formation of civic mores, once the province of an aware and moralistic society, have been preempted by "experts." The latest in a long chain of controversies centers on the Salt Lake Library's display of nude art.

There are a couple of issues here. First, of course, is the right to self-expression protected by the Constitution, with which tax collecting entities, such as the library board, cloak themselves to fend off any criticism of offended taxpayers. They say a frontal nude displayed in a public place is not pornography when rendered in oil. It's "art" and, therefore, above normal standards of decency. They are wrong.Let's face it, artists and magazine sellers and just about everybody have been mining the female anatomy for revenues for years. Turn on the TV and watch it. I guess in that respect the public shouldn't be too hard on the library folks. The public sits glued to the tube, bombarded with indecent material every day of the week. And who complains? The revenues just roll in to the sponsors.

The other issue is responsibility. Where the public good is at stake, who is responsible? I say, good for those who have the gumption to shout, "Enough is enough!"

Let's pull our heads out of the sewer. The female body is a wonderful thing when properly attired. Let's keep it that way.

Barton L. Carter