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It is easy for me to understand the Clinton administration shift on Bosnia as it becomes more and more apparent that President Clinton stands for nothing.

It sickens me as an American to watch the annihilation of a people solely because the racist governments of Britain and France do not want a Muslim government in Europe. Their actions parallel the British government's efforts to obtain the annihilation by Mus-lims of Jews immigrating to Israel following World War II. And sadly those actions were promoted by the Bush administration's position that there is nothing of value ln Bosnia - only people.The atrocities of the Serbs exceed what happened during the Holocaust. Fathers are forced to watch their wives and children as young as 9 being raped by Serbs over a period of days, then finally murdered by having their throats cut. Rape camps are set up for tens of thousands of women and hundreds of male prisoners murdered day after day after day. Huge amounts of food are diverted from the United Nations to glut the Serbs as the United Nations holds its Muslim civilians captive during the slaughter. All this is aided by American action to prohibit the Bosnian government from obtaining weapons to defend itself while the flow of arms and supplies for the Serbs goes on unchecked.

Even the virtual news blackout on Bosnia points to the fact that these acts no longer move the American heart to action. I pray that it is not so. But more Americans that feel as I do must speak out.

Leo Tornow